Seminar: Searching for the best thermoelectric materials


Instituto Nicolás Cabrera

Searching for the best thermoelectric materials

Raquel Ribeiro

Universidad Federal do ABC & Ames Laboratory

When: Friday 21 April, 15h30
Where: Sala de seminarios, modulo 03, planta 5

Since Seebeck’s discovery in the 19th century, many materials have been found useful to generate
thermoelectricity. The first were based on electric conductors and semiconductors, such as
antimony and bismuth. Later, in the 20th century, many other thermoelectric materials were discovered
and developed, such as ceramics and composites. Nevertheless, even today semiconductors
remain among the basic materials for the production of thermoelectric devices. In this
lecture we will review recent efforts on improving thermoelectric efficiency in general. We will focus
on strategies to improved thermoelectric conversion efficiency, that is, the figure of merit for
thermoelectric performance as a basis for understanding the evolution of materials with good
thermoelectric properties. Particularly, several novel proof-of-principle approaches such as phonon
disordered in phonon-glass-electron crystal and charge-spin-orbital degeneracy in strongly
correlated systems on thermoelectric performance will be discussed.


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