The Campus of Cantoblanco develops an intense activity in Low Temperature Physics. The Low Temperature Laboratory and the ICMM-CSIC decided to join in order to share common equipment and improve their facilities. The present helium liquefaction facility of the Campus, which is run by the technicians of the University’s workshop (Segainvex), is the most important common infrastructure.

The facility liquiefies 45 000 liters of helium a year (stand 2011), with a production increase of about 10% each year (see figure below). Careful operation, with highly developed technical skills of the engineer in charge, and good recovery rate, make this facility one of the internationally most efficiently run helium liquefiers.




The groups organize common events related to low temperatures and high magnetic fields, such as those within CRYOCOURSE program, ”Nicolás Cabrera” Summer Schools, seminars, and the workshop “Science and Technology at High Magnetic Fields”.